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The four models from the SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ series have been developed for professional applications and high-end installations. All models are equipped with Sunpower™ solar cells with an efficiency of no less than 23.7% and thus already deliver a very high yield even on smaller surfaces.

Tough+ is equipped with the same superior materials that were previously developed by SUNBEAMsystem for the original Tough series. This innovative top layer offers a longer lifespan than any other thin and lightweight solar panel. The non-slip profile is not only practical for mounting on deck; it also captures more light when the sun is low. In addition, the dirt-repellent properties contribute to a higher yield by keeping the panels clean.

Thanks to the flat SUNBEAMsystem Flush power cables, the panels can be seamlessly integrated on any hard surface, both straight and curved. After mounting, no cables or connections are visible anymore and due to the small thickness of 3 mm, the solar panel then forms an integral part of, for example, the deck.

The Tough+ series is supplied as standard without stainless steel eyes and with a separately packaged 3M double-sided adhesive layer for easy assembly. Because of this you only have to seal the edge after installing the panel with white Simson MSR CA or Sikaflex 291 kit.


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