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TZ Navigator v3

What can TZ Navigator do for you?
Sailing types vary enormously and depending on whether you want to cruise or relax in your powerboat or yacht, or race in regattas, you will of course have requirements that are unique to that particular type.
Whilst safety and ease of use remain the keystone for every sailor, other requirements such as route planning, AIS features, radar overlay and fish finder are vital for some and less so for others.


Transform your sailing trips into dreamy getaways. If you navigate with a motorboat, then you will want to equip yourself with Advanced Route Planning, Security Cone, and AIS features that are all available within TZ Navigator. They will transform your sailing trips into the peaceful getaways that you envisage. All that is left, is to update your weather forecast and start planning.

Feel relaxed when sailing along idyllic coastlines or entering new ports and harbors. Checking depth of zones when creating a route for a trip is so simple. By entering the minimum water shallowness in which you are happy to sail in, TIMEZERO will automatically let you know if your boat can pass safely by highlighting the route in green and red.

Photo fusion is augmented reality. With high resolution photos and your chart, you can effectively get the best of both worlds all inside your TIMEZERO. So imagine seeing the lay of the land and the depth of the water at the same time, fused together harmoniously. This tool is heaven sent for finding the perfect harbor, bay or cove to moor in.

Navigating using a computer onboard to connect your instruments with charts and the power of TZ Navigator v3 software will take you further and get you there safer. Marine navigation systems have been a revolution to the everyday sailor. Even for those who aren’t used to using computers in their day to day, TZ Navigator has been designed with these users in mind. To provide a software that is designed to be intuitive to the sailor.
TZ Navigator provides all your navigation needs in a practical, functional, and organized way. Simultaneously see your current location as well as your planned out route to the minutest detail.

Managing your routes is primordial. That is why having a technology that allows you to have them displayed on your TZ Navigator software is of the upmost importance. On top of this, TIMEZERO software provides a color coding for routes so that when you are navigating near coastline or anywhere that the depth of the water is low, your TZ Navigator will be able to alert you to this fact.


Sailing without a work overload is important, especially knowing what type of weather conditions you are happy to sail in and what winds you know your sails can handle. By checking the weather forecasts that are provided free of charge for unlimited access within TIMEZERO software, you can check the weather for the exact location, for the day(s) of your trip and see how it evolves.

TZ Navigator v3 Pack includes:
TIMEZERO software with 2 workstations
+ 1 mm3d chart area (Raster or Vector, Wide or Mega wide chart)
+ 3D data and satellite photos









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