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Multifunction TL25

Perfection, Aestheticism, Ergonomy and Simplicity.

Multifunction TL25 answers all your needs… Three LCD high definition screens offer great clarity for the selected functions even at wide viewing angles, at night and in day light with 25 mm high digits. It features 6 levels of red backlighting. The menus can be set in 6 different languages.

Connected to the TOPLINE bus, it can display all available channels. A full installation can consist of only one TL25 with the sensors required for racing data.

It can be installed on the mast or any convenient location in the cockpit. A remote control, wired or wireless gives access to all functions such as channels options, calibration settings or race timer.

Two bezel colours available : white [90-60-244] or carbon like [90-60-489]


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